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Duepunti Diamonds has finally got an online store for us to start stacking all the amazing colours – Shop Here

The unusual combination of the preciousness of diamonds and the originality of silicone, give life to the innovative and unconventional concept of DUEPUNTI.

Modern and contemporary jewels, designed for people who love to dare and estimate originality in every occasion, but with an innate elegance.

A colourful range of rings and bracelets, with a 0,02 carat diamond mounted on a coloured silicone band. A “must have” which

first captured the vibrant colours of summer, then the warm and cozy winter ones,and now is also coming soon in the new  “Jelly” version,with a range of 6 transparent pastel colours.

DUEPUNTI will always go on amazing you with new extraordinary, contemporary, innovative ideas, redefining the concept of jewellery in an unconventional and accessible way.

Worn by celebs such as Nicki Minaj, Dani Minouge and many more…


Duepunti Unconventional Diamonds is Jewellery Supplier to the Official BRIT AWARDS 2014 Goodie Bag.

Checkout out their Brit Award promo – Click here


Forget the less is more rule – More is the way to go with these fun and funky pieces !

Get stacking now and shop here – http://www.duepuntistore.com/








Braw Brows ! How to get perfect brows and also 70% OFF Brow Bar Products!!


Perfect Brows are number one on everyone’s beauty must haves at the moment and there is so many ways in which you can achieve those perfect brows.

First of all shape your brows, by either plucking, waxing or threading and make sure it is done by a professional! DO NOT OVER PLUCK!!! I can’t stress this enough ladies as thin brows are not a good look. Keep them as thick as you can just a little tidy up is required. I myself prefer threading – The girls at Heaven – Glasgow really do a great job and their affordable too!

If your going to be shaping them yourself then please follow the guidelines in the image below and measure where you are plucking from and to. I usually use a make up brush to determine  A. Where they should start from, B. Where my arch should begin and C. Where my eyebrow should end!

eyebrow guide

Now  it’s time to add some colour and define those brows and there are many ways of doing this too. You can use pencil, eyebrow shadow or even eyeshadow, have them tinted or go for the full works of shaping, waxing and tinting with the HD brows.

For those of you that don’t know of HD Brows – This is a seven step shaping treatment is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brows products. It’s also affordable and most beauty salons will offer this treatment. It’s also great if you have over plucked as they can make you brows appear fuller! I’ve has this treatment once before and loved it although it is a bit much for everyday wear – Nina from Illusion – Glasgow is great at providing this treatment – Click here to Visit their site.

Moving on….

I like to have my brows looking good on a day to day bases and going to the salon just can’t happen everyday for me, so when i found this amazing product from Whitening Lightning I just has to share it with you guys and not only that , I have also bagged you all a little discount –  70% OFF any order at Whitening Lightning – See details below!


The Brow Bar To Go is a fun size life saver! It comes with 2 great pigmented shades of brown, a clear wax and angled brush.

Depending on how dark you want your brows depends on what colour you use – I tend to use both the lighter shade for during the day and the darker for nights out! The Brow Bar is soooo easy to use too, all you do is pop some colour on your little angled brush (which is perfect for adding shape) and go over my brow filling them in and creating a more fuller look, then too keep the colour in place and using my finger i take some of the wax and carefully dab it all over the brow ! Perfect brows in a matter of seconds and i’m good to go! The thing i love about this product too is the fact that they last me all day and there is no need for me to touch up ! It’s a must have girls ! I promise you’ll love it !

Not only is this product great for brows i use the 2 shades for my face too. The 2 colours are perfect for creating a brown smokey eye, and i also use the shades to contour my cheeks, nose and face.

This is the BEAUTY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for me!!! So if you don’t have this in your makeup bag i urge you to get shopping for it now!


Whitening Lightning is a fab company in L.A and the celebs are already catching on to their products !

Hope you all have a fab weekend and I will catch up with you all soon ! Enjoy the discount and please let me know how you get on!

Love Monty xxx ( yess this is me below, with my Brow Bar To Go Brows)


Weekly Update !


Hi Dolls,

I promised a weekly update, better late than never.

So here is what i have purchased this month and a little review on each item :

The midi skirt:

The Midi Skirt has been on the fashion scene for quite some time, what i love about them is you can wear them casual during the day and dress them up for going out!

I purchased both of these from topshop for around £22 and their great for both casual and dressy!

I wore the Love skirt with a pink blazer (from topshop) and plain off the should black long sleeved top from Asos which i had had for longer than i can remember and teamed them up with Kurt Gieger Neon pink and grey heel, which i have also owned for years now, not wore them in a while so was good to get them out again!

ponte notch neck jacketlove letter prin (1)



Next up is the grey letter print midi, which i wore with the same asos black top, leather studded jacket from Zara (old again) and Studded, patent open toe boots from Carvella which i have also had for years!

love letter prin (2)




carvella open toe boots




I’m always one to spend my wages online as soon as i have been paid, but recently i’ve been addicted to ebay! Reason being is that all the stuff is so cheap, although it’s not great quality who cares, as i only tend to wear things a few times before i get sick of the sight of it.

I have found some great statement necklaces on Ebay which when i purchase ill post them up and let you guys see and give me your thoughts! £4.99 for a necklace though you can’t go wrong really can you? Downfall though is it takes a while to ship as the goods are usually coming from Hong Kong or China – most do FREE SHIPPING so can’t complain.

Last year i bought a leather black fringe bag for £11.99 and i always get compliments on it, so i would go check out the bags too!

Hot Sale Black Fringe Leather Bag Online



High Tops & Jacket:

Another great purchase i made lately was on these Jeffery Campbell White leather Spike High tops from Office £130.00, which i teamed up with a pair of light wash denims and one of my fav casual tops from boohoo , i can’t find an image of it online, as i think it is sold out, but its just a plain white over sized tee, with a low cut, floaty see through back, (if i come across one ill be sure to post) and i also wore with this outfit a white leather fringed biker jacket from boohoo @ £45.00! which i love:)

ivory booohoo fringed jacket


Jeffrey Campbell


Make up:

I just recently purchased this great Glamour Days palette from MUA at only £4.00 you can’t go wrong! I love the 3 matt shades that are included, which i not only use as eyeshadow but also for contouring! Not sure what contouring is, ill get a post so you guys can star doing this, and share my tips!

I love the shimmer shades too, great for adding a bit of glamour, The light blue 2nd colour from the top left has a slight gold shimmer to it, which i love!



Also a must have is arm candy and i came across a great little site for that – check out www.prettylittlething.com.

Here’s what i purchased:

First of all this amazing vajazzled snapback was a must – purchased this for my Little sister Morgans 11th birthday – and she just loves it, however i can see me stealing it for myself (shhhhh!) Also seen on Nicki Minaj!


Nicki Minaj



I also go these great little studded neon pink and royal blue bracelets at only £8.00!



Check them out girlies, they have some fab and affordable goodies for you all !

What do you guys love?

Will you be purchasing any of the above?

or have you seen anything products that are just as good? Please let us know !


Hope you all have a great week !


Love Monty xxx

Rihanna for River Island – The Collection !

Ok.. So if you haven’t heard already then we will fill you in right here…. Yes Rihanna has designed a range of clothing, shoes and accessories for River Island.

Available to purchase March 5th 2013!


With Rihanna’s grungey  quirky and sexy style i was really excited when i first heard shes was collating a range, but to be honest i ain’t that fussed with it. However, Rihanna did mention that this range was simple and she was staying away from the “stage” like clothing. All that aside i was hoping for something more girly, as from what we seen from her at the grammys she really toned the VAMPNESS down and looked simply sweet in her floating red gown on the red carpet.

What we can expect is denim, neon yellow, black, stripes, Jeans, Basic Tee’s, crop tops, thigh high boots and thigh high splits.

Here is a preview of what the range has to offer and what pieces i will be purchasing…


Stripes: Stripe Shorts, Stripe Bralet Top and Striped Pyjama Style float back shirt

stripes by rhianna

Shoes and Accessories: Loving the Beige and brown heel boots and the army style boots!

shoes and accessories

The dresses, from thigh high split maxi dresses, to grunge style opaque dresses, to slash backed midis, very simple but wearable:

dresses by rihanna

Tops: Within this category you will find your basic over sized tee’s and crop tops, featuring back slashes and also what seems to be a key feature it the side tie knot.

tops by rihanna

Skirts & Denim – My fav piece is the thigh zip split maxi skirt, would look great with the boots, i have my eye on this. Dungaree style denim crop top, a great pair of jeans ( which everyone needs as a wardrobe essential ) and the skirt and denim jacket duo, yes i was slightliy confused also the jacket is attached to the skirt – in Rihanna’s word ” Already styled for you”

denim and skirts

So what do you think?… Where you guys slightly let down with the simplicity of the designs?

What piece will you be racing in to purchase?

Love Monty xxx

Out with the old and in with the new!

Yip, Monty is back !



It’s been a while since I blogged guys sorry, but I took a bit of time out to browse the net and read other blogs to understand what I’m actually trying to portray!

This blog started some while back as a fashion blog, which was me bringing to you trends, whats hot, what’s hot and fashionable items i love.

Then I realized…  Slowly but surely moving away from fashion and just rambling on about random things and well, you could say i bored myself to be honest.

One thing i noticed is that i don’t use my own photography and here is why!

Being a very clumsy me, i tend to break, drop loose my phones and i am now stuck with a very crappy phone at the moment, i have a camera but tend to be quite lazy when it comes to actually digging it out of the drawer and taking some snaps! – Iphone5 on it’s way so instagram mad i will be just shortly! Woop Woop!

Another thing i noticed is that a lot of folk are doing VLOGS (video blogging) – I would love to do this – but for me i find listening to my Scottish accent very cringe worthy, other folk may like it but i’m not sure i can do it – Hopefully i will pluck up the courage and introduce you properly !

I’m going to change this from fashion to lifestyle blogging and the below is a list of what you will be seeing  a lot more of on Montys Moments.

1. My Shopping Bag – I will update you on what i buy, where i buy it from and what products i loved – Reviews on my purchased goods and hopefully get you guys some coupon codes to start purchasing these goods yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

2. Weekly update – It’s always nice to keep you all up to date on me too, so my weekly update will be just about me and what i have been up to,  any embarrassing moments, what i think of any news topics that affect me etc etc etc – Just come back and see!

3. Montys Must haves – Update on anythign i have come across that is a must have, so this could be from fashion, to health and beauty or even FOOD ! i love food ! or anything i feel you guys MUST HAVE!

4. Healthy Diet & Exercise  If you follow you will see i had this post about loosing weight, well i have a confession that whole blog post was a big FAT lie, i had zero motivation to actually do it! Now that 2013 is here, I think now is the best time to kick myself into shape. I’ll pass on any diet tips, what classes i have found attended!

5. Interact with my followers – I do try my best and i would love more feedback from you all, because without you what i am writing would just be floating out there in the world of the internet! I’m very thankful for anyone that comes here and catches up with me! I’ll keep you posted on any great competitions to get involved in or coupon codes to make you shoppers smile 🙂 Monty loves to see you smile !

6. Purchase my domain and Re-design – I keep meaning to get down to purchasing my domain for Montys Moments, just been a bit busy but i will get that done in no time. As for the re-design working within an eCommerce agency, you can just imagine the experience i have learned and how much i am itching to get this blog looking great – I’m currently awaiting on my new logo being designed and try and try to refresh things a little.

I hope you all keep in touch.

Have a lovely day people,

Love Monty xxxxxxxxxxMwahhh!

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