The Perfect Pout!

We all want those voluptuous, chap free, kissable lips…. But the question is HOW?!

The thought came into my head today as I have chapped lips – I always do have when the weather is in its minus here in Scotland. I’ve tried everything, from Vaseline, Aloe Vera, Lush Lip Scrubs (popcorn one tastes amazing BTW!).. I think I have tired every potion and lotion. Yes thee sooth them for a while but nothing has really amazed me yet… CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT HERE AND SUGGEST SOMETHING THAT’S GOING TO CHANGE MY LIPS LIFE ?!!

LIPS seem to be in just now – KYLIE JENNER has great set of smoochers on her and has had us all thinking – is it the art of the lip liner overlapping?, is it INJECTIONS? … I would love to have lip enhance injections, I don’t particularly need them but i want them. Unfortunately you see so many horror stories out there with these injections are they really worth it?  CAN ANYONE ENLIGHTEN ME ON THE DO’S AND DON’T S OF LIP INJECTIONS?

I’ve tried the lip liner trick but never been brave enough to walk out the door with it – It just doesn’t seem right, either that or I haven’t perfected the art of it and to be honest don’t think I ever will as I’m fearful of resembling PETE BURNS!

There seems to be so many tips and tricks out there how to get the perfect pout without the use of injections, from LIP VOLTAGE lipgloss which is for extreme tingling lip pumping action – I have never use it myself, apparently the tingling sensation can be annoying but the results are said to be great  – ANYONE HERE TRIED THIS?

The latest craze it the Full lips enhancement tool – It’s basically a little red plastic contraption you stick you lips in and apparently gives you fuller lips? Sounds like a rip off but I’ve seen results on-line but never tried it – IS IT AS GOOD AS THEY SAY ?




Looking at our beloved celebs I would say the best lips out there is a toss up between Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson – Wither they are au natural or not they still look amazing. Then you have Pete Burns, Tulisa and Sylvester Stallones’ Mother who take it to another level and look like they have been stung off 100 bumble bees after having their lips stuck in a wine bottle ! They’re big, but they ain’t clever.

So how do us girls get the perfect pout – share with me below.

stock-photo-18884924-lipstick-kissMonty x

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