Plongée Clothing – New Brand !

I am the perfect example of a Shopperbroweserholic, a very, very addictive problem Side effects WILL consist of the following – Sore fingers from continuous mouse device clicking – Fatigue , Due to staying up for hours and stating the following ” Oh I like that and that and that and that …” – The main side effect however is your bank balance being a constant minus. You have been warned !

Anyway, browsing on Facebook ( which proves is a great way to advertise ) i came across a new, young and timeless brand Plongée Clothing.

Plongée ( Meaning diving in French) was born in France and desinged in Britain and has just recently launched here in the UK!

The idea behind this brand was established in the South of France – Inspired by holiday memories of sunny days, skinny dipping, friends around the fire, postcards home and polaroid snaps!

The collection is a new fresh and younger take on the basic yet classic pieces made from natural fabrics. Within the collection you can find a range of Women and Mens T-shirts, Polos, Rugby Tops, Hoodies and Sweatshirts.

I love how the founder John Hobson describes the brand ( I swear I’m the girl he’s talking about ) – “Our style hopes to be effortless – changing a classic polo by playing with the collar, a pretty girl wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie and making it her own; throwing on a sweatshirt when the sun goes down and keeping it on all night dancing on tables in the local bar.”

Get involved in this brand – Viva la #Plongée.

If you like this brand and want to show some LOVE – Tweet Plongée Clothing and tell them ” Montys Moments helped me find you !”

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