Let Them Eat Cake ??

Every little girl dreams about their wedding day and most importantly their wedding dress.

The dress is the most important part of a women’s wedding day ( and marrying the love of their life of course ). It has to be perfect full stop.

Nowadays another main focus on weddings are the cakes…….

I’ve been searching online for the most amazing wedding cakes and here’s what I’ve found…

Why not put the the dress and cake into one… with this fabulous creation of a Wedding Dress Cake!

Paris – Eiffel Tower Cake.

Traditional white 5 tier with a waterfall of red roses.


Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s wedding cake,

50 kilos of strawberries and 2,000 edible blossoms including Proteas, South Africa’s national flower in honour of Charlene.

5 tiers of cream glitter roses with diamanté centre.

White pearl cake. Very vintage, simple but very classy.

Simple black and white design – couple dancing under chandilier.

I love this modern but elegant twist.

A winter wonderland wedding cake, complete with snowballs and snowflakes.

Brrrrrrr……..illiant !

The bows are so lifelike.

A 6 tier cream cake complete with flowers, butterflies, bows and diamanté’s…

Topped with encrusted couple’s enitials.

Perfectly Pretty.

A simple cake frosted with white buttercream rises from a sea of blown-sugar bubbles

that mimic both the color and the festive air of Champagne. Piped buttercream dots on the cake continue the effervescent theme.

Last but not least the ‘Sex in the City’ Chandelier cake.

Too fab to eat.

No what’s you favourite?

I love every single one of them, but my top 4 are …

1. Sex in the city

2. Black & White dancing couple under chandilier

3. Pearl Cake – It reminds me of 50/60’s style Audrey Hepburn like.

4. The 5 tier glitter cream roses

All this makes me want to get married .. just for the cake haha x

Ok so it’s not a wedding cake but here was my cake for my

21st Masquerade Ball party…

♥ Monty xx


2 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake ??

  1. Hi !,

    I would rally like to know who makes the “5 tiers of cream glitter roses with diamanté centre”.

    Thank you so much !

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